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In a Little Girl’s Hand

A little girl dressed in a pink dress was walking down the street with something in her hand. It was my last sight as I left the School of the Sovereign in Haiti. I could only smile. It is exactly … Continue reading

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Touching, Kissing, and Dancing

I spend most of my time trying to practice James 1:27. But it seems like I’m always on the second part of it—“orphans.” Clearly the verse is about others too. True religion is also about helping “widows.” Most of my … Continue reading

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The Big Test (or Taste)

The cup was shaped just like a communion cup. But it was a little bigger. A prayer of blessing was invoked before we shared it. We stood in a circle as we passed it around. It was a holy moment … Continue reading

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A new study says that there will be 779,000 deaths due to cholera in Haiti this year. Doesn’t that break your heart? Last week an examination revealed that the U.N. dumping waste caused much of the cholera. Doesn’t that mess … Continue reading

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Headed to Haiti

Do you ever feel like God just added a new verse to the Bible? Do you know what I mean? You know it has been there, but you just haven’t noticed it or simply forgotten it. Let me share one … Continue reading

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Middle Class

It seems like nearly everyone wants to consider himself a part of the middle class. That certainly is where I usually identify myself. Although the middle class might involve aspects like education and values, we most often think of it … Continue reading

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